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The Fluffy Bunny Cloud Predicts Doom and Destruction

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"Worry is a misuse of imagination."
-Dan Zandra

"Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again," -- C.S. Lewis

"Because a story is a story; and you may tell it as your imagination and your being and your environment dictate; and, if your story grows wings and becomes the property of others, you may not hold it back. One day it will return to you, enriched by new details and with a new voice."
-Nelson Mandela
"Favorite African Folktales"

Does theater allow for a lot of spontaneity, or do you find yourself hampered by the blocking in that regard?
There is a freedom in structure. Structure can seem like a straightjacket at first, blocking, beats, etc., but like a dancer or gymnast, once you master that structure you become free and can really fly.
-James Marsters

But you have a very open relationship with your fans.
(Smirks) Yes. We have an open relationship. Obviously they can see other authors if they want, and I can see other readers.
-Neil Gaiman

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